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Wedding Wednesday!

Good morning! And happy hump day! (I don’t know why I wrote that, I hate the term “Hump Day.” It’s stupid!) ANNNNNNNYYYYYYWAY,

We still have a few odds and ends to tie up, but everything seems to be coming together nicely for next weekend. Let’s just hope like hell it stays that way!

– The Mom and I are going to talk about and hopefully finish up the wedding programs  today.

– We need to finish up the boxes for the out of town guests. I’ve worried about these so much, but I think they’re going to like what we’ve put together.  I would want it if I had to shack up at a hotel in Demopolis, Alabama for a whole weekend!

– I have my shower this weekend, and I’m SO EXCITED about it! I can’t wait to see everybody! I’m so ready for The Bestie to show her face! And to drink mimosas.  And to open gifts. Yep, it’s gonna be a good one!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this whole wedding process, it’s that you can’t please everybody.  As bad as I wanted, it just wasn’t feasible to have everybody be a bridesmaid, or go on the bachelorette trip.  At some point, you have to draw the line.  I knew where that line was.  I’m sorry if feelings got hurt, but that’s life!

If they were my friend to begin with, they’ll still be my friend at the end.  There are much more important things in life.  It’s just not feasible to try to please everybody all of the time!

– I’m starting to piece together a timeline for the weekend. I know nobody will follow it, things just don’t happen like that, but at least we’ll have something tentative to go by! Apparently I’m a bit of a control freak.  Who knew?? I’m working on it, but let’s just all pray and cross our fingers and toes that NOBODY GETS OFF OF THE SCHEDULE!!!!!! I’m pretty sure they all know there will be hell to pay if they don’t do what Lucinda and I say next weekend! I’ve already informed The Boy that his goals for the weekend are                                1) Do what I say.                                                                                                         2) Don’t do anything to piss me off, make me cry, etc.  He’s been warned!

– In all seriousness, I just want everybody to get along and have a blast! I’m sure with the group of people that we’ve chosen to be in the wedding, that won’t be a problem at all!

– I can start checking the 10 day forecast TOMORROW! Eeeekkk! I know that the weather is beyond my control, but I would still like to have some inkling of what it’s going to be like.WeddingDayRain Maybe I should invest in a cute umbrella, just in case!

I haven’t exercised yet today, but I’m thinking of going for a walk in a little while.  I just hope the wind isn’t blowing like crazy! Last time I tried to run in it, I looked like I got hit in the face with a broom! I guess it’s not that big of deal considering the fact that I have a huge dog scratch on it now! It hurts, but you can barely see it, so it’s all good.

Have a great Wednesday everybody!


How I Spent My Tuesday

Hey!  Here’s a little recap of how I spent my Tuesday! I started with a little bit of this:IMAG0199And when I say little, I mean I spent about 15 minutes trudging along on the elliptical.  The room was a sauna. I finally had all I could take and headed for this: IMAG0200I’m not going to lie, Subway was calling my name.  Loudly.  But I just couldn’t justify paying for breakfast when something that was perfectly healthy and delicious was staring me in the face.  Orrr, I was just going to eat my arm off before I could get to the closest Subway.

After I got dressed and checked out of the hotel, I may or may not have hit up a Mickey D’s drive-thru for one of their Sugar Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee’s.  It hit the spot. It was just what I needed to get me through the long and boring drive to:IMG_20130305_112726Mobile, Alabama! Here I met up with The Bestie at a new (to me) lunch spot where we both ordered ginormous salads.  Probably one of my top 5 salads EVER.  I took a picture, but it doesn’t come close to doing the salad justice, so I’m just leaving that one out! After lunch, I ran by Premier Medical to pick up my contacts and then I was on my way here:

CityofthePeopleThe City of The People! I had some errands to run before I could go home, so I jumped on that! I accomplished a lot today, but now I’m exhausted.  Driving is just not my thing anymore!

I’m off to plant my butt in the bed and read THIS. It’s a really awesome book by one of my favorite bloggers.  You can find her blog HERE.

I’ll catch ya on the flip side!