I went to my first CrossFit class today! I had a really good time and am so excited that I can do it the whole time I’m in Alabama!

The instructor scaled the WOD (workout of the day for you who don’t know the CrossFit lingo yet) since I was new, but I still feel like I could have done more! It went something like this:

WOD March 6, 2013:

400 meter run

30 squats

15 pull-ups (I used a resistance band to help me, but these were still ridiculously hard!)

30 thrusters (Basically these are squats plus shoulder presses.  I used 5lb dumbbells for this exercise.)

Knees to Elbows (I just did regular old sit ups for this one.  And I think I was only supposed to do 15, but I went ahead and did 25.)

30 single unders (Just jump roping.  This is really hard for me considering the fact that I haven’t done it in like 20 years or something! Now that I think about it, I was never really good at jump roping.  I was much better at sitting “on the hill” and running my mouth!)

400 meter run

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again in the morning!

I went and gave myself a little cancer in the tanning bed after that.  I KNOW. I KNOW.  Tanning beds are the devil and I have no business being in one, BUT I’m not feeling the whole looking like a ghost on my wedding day, so this was the next best thing.  I considered a spray tan, but have you ever had one?  They freaking STINK.  Like I want to vomit b/c I smell so bad after them.  Not for me! Plus I can’t risk getting it all over my ridiculously overpriced dress that I’m going to spend SIX hours of my life in.  Enough of that.

After tanning, I came home and got clean. Then the parents and I hit up Robert’s for lunch.  I hit a snag here.  First of all, the ONLY thing I’ve ever eaten from Robert’s was chicken fingers and chive fries.  Not my best choice when I need to fit into a dress in two weeks.  So then I was going to get the chef salad.  The waitress started talking about ham and I lost it.  I don’t even know what kind of ham comes in the chef salad at Robert’s, but all I could think about was the nasty little diced ham! Then I remembered the salad from yesterday in Mobile and thought, There’s no way in hell this salad could ever measure up to that. So, I changed my mind to the tuna salad.  I went to the salad bar, too.  It was a good choice, it was delicious and it filled me up!

We did some things for the wedding and then I ran to the local hell hole, aka Wal-Mart, to stock up on groceries.  I meant to be a good little blogger and take a pic of my stash, but once again, I completely forgot.  Ooooopss.  I’m trying to get better, I swear!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty busy and productive day.  I’m thinking about hitting up the park in a little bit for a short run or either a walk.  Holla!


How I Spent My Tuesday

Hey!  Here’s a little recap of how I spent my Tuesday! I started with a little bit of this:IMAG0199And when I say little, I mean I spent about 15 minutes trudging along on the elliptical.  The room was a sauna. I finally had all I could take and headed for this: IMAG0200I’m not going to lie, Subway was calling my name.  Loudly.  But I just couldn’t justify paying for breakfast when something that was perfectly healthy and delicious was staring me in the face.  Orrr, I was just going to eat my arm off before I could get to the closest Subway.

After I got dressed and checked out of the hotel, I may or may not have hit up a Mickey D’s drive-thru for one of their Sugar Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee’s.  It hit the spot. It was just what I needed to get me through the long and boring drive to:IMG_20130305_112726Mobile, Alabama! Here I met up with The Bestie at a new (to me) lunch spot where we both ordered ginormous salads.  Probably one of my top 5 salads EVER.  I took a picture, but it doesn’t come close to doing the salad justice, so I’m just leaving that one out! After lunch, I ran by Premier Medical to pick up my contacts and then I was on my way here:

CityofthePeopleThe City of The People! I had some errands to run before I could go home, so I jumped on that! I accomplished a lot today, but now I’m exhausted.  Driving is just not my thing anymore!

I’m off to plant my butt in the bed and read THIS. It’s a really awesome book by one of my favorite bloggers.  You can find her blog HERE.

I’ll catch ya on the flip side!

Crawfish Season is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! Crawfish season is officially here! I ate some in February in Houston that were awesome, but tonight I got to eat real Louisiana crawfish! We were supposed to be eating Subway, but we decided to branch out and try something new. Shame.  This meal wasn’t near as healthy as the Subway would have been, but when in Louisiana…..IMG_20130202_151726

The Boy and I visited a seafood restaurant where we stay and I ordered the crawfish.  I got 2lbs of deliciousness and 3 potatoes.  I substituted a potato for my piece of corn.  Not a huge corn on the cob fan.  I don’t much care for the kernels in my teeth!

Some things that were different about this crawfish:

1) It wasn’t as spicy as we make it in Alabama.  I’ve talked to some Cajuns before and they don’t season their water like we do.  They were still awesome, but that’s definitely the reason my lips weren’t burning off like they usually do.

2) The restaurant served our crawfish with what they called “dip.” I was being ignorant, but I expected melted butter.  That’s what I normally eat on my crawfish.  This was more of a mayonnaise-based dip.  It kind of tasted like Thousand Island dressing.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was NOT melted butter!

3) The only vegetables in there were the corn and potatoes.  There is nothing wrong with that at all, they were AWESOME, but I like lots of goodies in my crawfish boil.  My favorites are brussel sprouts and mushrooms.

4) Since Cajuns don’t usually season their water, they put a dry seasoning on the crawfish to add flavor to it.  I was so interested in digging in and demolishing the entire two pounds by myself, I didn’t even see this seasoning on the table.  The Boy pointed it out to me as I was eating my last crawfish! I was a little disappointed in myself.

And this, is just another reason why I will never be a food blogger.  I have no patience.  When the food is put in front of me, I want to SCARF IT DOWN!

Jackpot and Mantra Monday

Guess what, I hit the jackpot! I spent the morning searching for races and……

I found it! This is the race I’m going to sign up for!! The Boy will be in Houston, so I Green6.2can force him to stand on the sidelines and watch while I race my virgin 10k!! It’s the Green 6.2 in City Centre! I’m so pumped to get to race here, it’s going to be a great way to explore some of my new city! I haven’t registered for it yet because I was rushed this morning, but I plan on registering as soon as I get settled in Alabama.

Also, Happy Mantra Monday!

What are some of your workout mantras? What keeps you going when all you want to do is quit?

I’ve always been a big fan of quotes, so I’ve compiled some of my favorite ones in this post.  These are what got me through the last mile of the half-marathon, or what gets me through the squat track of that Body Pump class.  These are my inspiration:

DoneEarsBadRunBreathingFinish Habit HardFatCrying KeepGoing Nothing RunForrest Started Stole Something YouDon'tGetIt

And with that I’m off to bed. Or the gym.  I can’t decide.  I’ll be driving on to Alabama in the morning, so if you don’t hear from me, I’ll be on the road! Have a great night!

Hitting the Road

Monday, Monday.  Today starts the beginning of my journey back to Sweet Home Alabama.  The Boy is off to work for a couple of weeks and I’m headed home to tie up last-minute wedding details.  Because I’m ridiculous and don’t want to drive the entire 10 hours by myself, I’m going to split up the trip and stay in BFE, Louisiana for a night!


Have any of you tried the latest fitness craze yet?? I’ve been DYING to do it, but just couldn’t justify signing up in Texas since we’ve spent so much time in Alabama since November.  The plan was to go talk to some “boxes” as soon as we got back from the honeymoon in April.  BUT in the meantime, I’ve found out that there is a box that just opened in my hometown. I almost hyperventilated I was so excited. I’m hoping to go talk to them and start classes on Wednesday.

I’ll keep you updated, but I’m so excited to try it out, even if it’s just for a few weeks.  Crossfit is typically a little more expensive than a traditional gym, but I’m hoping I can talk them into a deal since I’ll  only be there three weeks or so.  Crossfit

As for when we get back to Texas, I still want to go talk to a couple of boxes and see if they can work with us around The Boy’s schedule.

Since I had such an indulgent weekend and have been a complete slacker in the workout department,  I’ll be forcing The Boy to eat only Subway today. I’m sure he’s beside himself. He would have no problem pulling up at a Taco Bell, but I can’t force it down.  Especially after THIS

Also, I can’t wait to see this thing: IMAG0071Time to get ready to ride out! See you in Louisiana!

Three Days In.

Happy Sunday!

We had a BLAST at the rodeo last yesterday and last night. The Boy and I both came home sunburned but happy! I love box seats with free food and alcohol! I also had some of the best sausage I’ve ever had in my life, it was pecan smoked sausage and it was off the chain. Do people still say that? Who cares! It was AWESOME! We found out it was cooked by some celebrity chef, even though I didn’t recognize his name. He does own a restaurant in the Sugarland, Texas area that The Boy and I want to IMAG0190try out some day though!

My love for Brantley Gilbert was cemented even more! He put on a good show and actually TALKED to his fans and told stories about the songs! It was a great day spent with family and friends.  Although I’m not going to lie, I or may not be paying for it today!


I want to talk about my goals for March.  Yeah, yeah, I know we’re already three days in, but it’s never too late, right? It’s going to be hard to keep these goals considering how busy this month is going to be, but I’m going to do my best! Here we go:

1) Work on this blog some more. If I want to get serious about this thing, I need to cultivate it.  WTF?  Like a garden? So yeah, cultivate away, Sarah.

2) Eat clean.  I’m much more concerned with eating right than I am exercising this month.  They’re both really important, but I feel much less crappy if I’m eating well.

3) Plan a freaking race already! My last race was in November and I’ve been hesitant to plan anything due to how busy everything is going to be this spring.  It will all be over on April 15th and I’m determined to find and sign up for something either at the end of April or the beginning of May! Hopefully a 10k? I think that I’ll like that distance!

4) Watch my stress levels.  I need to try, try, TRY not to cause myself unnecessary stress or let others stress me out.  Everything will work out fine in the end! I do NOT want to turn into a bridezilla!

5) Take time out to enjoy everything! This is probably the only time in our lives that The Boy and I will have ALL of our family and friends together in one place at one time! I want to savor every single detail that I can!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Lady and the Tramp is on TV, so I’m about to tear up a Disney movie! Have a great day!

Going to the Chapel

The countdown is ON.  22 days and counting until the wedding! I’m not too nervous yet, until some person from WAAAAY out-of-town tells me they’re coming! They’re the people who I didn’t think would show up!

The Boy and I shopped most of the day for his rehearsal dinner clothes and some flip-flops to wear on the honeymoon! I’m so excited to get to spend an awesome weekend with our family and friends.  Although from what I’ve heard, I won’t remember much of it because it will go by so fast!

IMG_20130225_144516This happened on Monday and Tuesday:

I found a Groupon for 2 introductory lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  Two lessons for $35! The lessons were short and sweet and our instructor was really nice.  He helped us pick out our song.  We had narrowed it down to two songs, but in the end we picked something that would be a tad easier for those of us with two left feet to dance to! I still know that I’m completely ADD and will dance for about two seconds before I run away and talk to somebody.  Or get a beer, who knows! I’ve warned The Boy though, so he doesn’t get his little feelings hurt if that does happen! I have so many more things to do than be swept around a dance floor! There will be alcohol to consume!

All in all, I loved the dance lessons! We’ve actually talked about taking some more to learn to two-step as soon as we get settled in Houston.  Not to sound corny, but it was a good relationship builder, too!


I’m a horrible wannabe (key word here, people) healthy living blogger! It’s been so busy, I haven’t made time to work out the past two days.  Yesterday, I was sore.  No excuse.  I could have gone walking.  Today, I just didn’t do it.  How easy would it have been for me to wake up a little early and MAKE myself go for a run? Or even do some weights at the house?

I am definitely struggling by not being a gym member for the time being. I was a member of the YMCA, but we cancelled it for the time being since we wouldn’t be here for three months! I’ve missed it this week! But that’s still no excuse.

My eating hasn’t been great either, but who could freaking resist the Pappa’s BBQ Pappa's loaded baked potato at the rodeo? (Yep, that’s the one, on the right.  Be still my heart.) Or the Katz’s Deli this morning for lunch (which by the way was HORRID.  The service was bad, food was okay, but it was extremely overpriced.) I hate to admit it to myself, but tonight and tomorrow aren’t going to be good either.

We bought steaks tonight and we’re going back to the rodeo tomorrow.  Part of being healthy is about BALANCE.  I guess I need to just enjoy myself, NOT feel guilty, and hop right back on the wagon on Sunday! That’s the plan. There are only 22 days left and I have a couple of dresses to fit in!!