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A Winning Weekend

Hey hey! How has everybody’s weekend been? Mine has been awesome so far!

On Friday, The Mom and I went shopping in Montgomery, Alabama for some wedding things.  We FINALLY found a dress for her.  It was our 4th one! Annnnnd we have a winner!

Friday night included a bachelorette party for my friend Morgan that’s getting married on April the 6th! So many weddings, so little time! There may be pictures, but they’re probably definitely not internet material!

Saturday morning, I came home early to fix a wedding-related crisis.  I had accidentally left a couple of people off of the seating chart for the rehearsal dinner, so we fixed that.  Then I wrote thank you notes.  My hand may fall off before all of this is over and done! We’ve gotten some really great gifts though, and I’m so thankful for everything everyone is doing us to help with the wedding/showers, etc!

Saturday afternoon, The Mom and I drove to Gallion, Alabama where our family owns an old house.  They’re planning on fixing it up to be kind of like a camphouse, so we did a little cleaning while The Daddy (I tried to just put Dad, but I can’t do it! I’m definitely Southern!) mowed the grass.  I got a short walk/run in on the country road, and then I spent a good 20 minutes taking selfies.  I wasn’t bored or anything, was I? For your viewing pleasure: IMAG0245 Sorry for the cleavage pic! And I look like a mad scientist with the hairdo! But it was windy!

Anyway, I just got caught up with the thank you notes!! I also sent The Boy a timeline for the wedding week.  I’m sure he’s beyond thrilled to receive that!

I plan on spending this afternoon going for a run (I’m on day 4 of training for this!) And then I plan on watching some Downton Abbey! Have y’all seen this show yet? I’m at the end of season 2 and it’s awesome! It makes me want to run around talking in a British accent! Speaking of, I think I need to run to the loo!

DowntownHave a great Sunday!