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Wedding Wednesday!

Good morning! And happy hump day! (I don’t know why I wrote that, I hate the term “Hump Day.” It’s stupid!) ANNNNNNNYYYYYYWAY,

We still have a few odds and ends to tie up, but everything seems to be coming together nicely for next weekend. Let’s just hope like hell it stays that way!

– The Mom and I are going to talk about and hopefully finish up the wedding programs  today.

– We need to finish up the boxes for the out of town guests. I’ve worried about these so much, but I think they’re going to like what we’ve put together.  I would want it if I had to shack up at a hotel in Demopolis, Alabama for a whole weekend!

– I have my shower this weekend, and I’m SO EXCITED about it! I can’t wait to see everybody! I’m so ready for The Bestie to show her face! And to drink mimosas.  And to open gifts. Yep, it’s gonna be a good one!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this whole wedding process, it’s that you can’t please everybody.  As bad as I wanted, it just wasn’t feasible to have everybody be a bridesmaid, or go on the bachelorette trip.  At some point, you have to draw the line.  I knew where that line was.  I’m sorry if feelings got hurt, but that’s life!

If they were my friend to begin with, they’ll still be my friend at the end.  There are much more important things in life.  It’s just not feasible to try to please everybody all of the time!

– I’m starting to piece together a timeline for the weekend. I know nobody will follow it, things just don’t happen like that, but at least we’ll have something tentative to go by! Apparently I’m a bit of a control freak.  Who knew?? I’m working on it, but let’s just all pray and cross our fingers and toes that NOBODY GETS OFF OF THE SCHEDULE!!!!!! I’m pretty sure they all know there will be hell to pay if they don’t do what Lucinda and I say next weekend! I’ve already informed The Boy that his goals for the weekend are                                1) Do what I say.                                                                                                         2) Don’t do anything to piss me off, make me cry, etc.  He’s been warned!

– In all seriousness, I just want everybody to get along and have a blast! I’m sure with the group of people that we’ve chosen to be in the wedding, that won’t be a problem at all!

– I can start checking the 10 day forecast TOMORROW! Eeeekkk! I know that the weather is beyond my control, but I would still like to have some inkling of what it’s going to be like.WeddingDayRain Maybe I should invest in a cute umbrella, just in case!

I haven’t exercised yet today, but I’m thinking of going for a walk in a little while.  I just hope the wind isn’t blowing like crazy! Last time I tried to run in it, I looked like I got hit in the face with a broom! I guess it’s not that big of deal considering the fact that I have a huge dog scratch on it now! It hurts, but you can barely see it, so it’s all good.

Have a great Wednesday everybody!


Like Jelly.

Happy Marvelous in my Monday!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I know I did, but I was so sad to see the rain set in last night.  Hopefully it will move on out of here in the  next couple of days!

Y’all go check out Katie’s blog.  She hosts “Marvelous in my Monday” every week and she’s awesome! I’m still new to all of this blog stuff, but she’s definitely one of my favorites!

Y’all, I got my butt kicked at CrossFit today.  Here’s what we did: IMAG0249Those dang burpees are NO JOKE.  My arms are feeling like jelly!

So, I looked up my training plan this morning for the 10k.  Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday – Stretch and strength (I’m going to CrossFit, so that should do it!)Tuesday – Run 2.5miles, CrossFit                                                                        Wednesday – 30 minutes of Cross training. CrossFit                                                 Thursday – I may go to Montgomery to see my friend’s new BABY, but I’m supposed to do 2 miles + strength.                                                                                     Friday – Rest. (I may just use Thursday as my rest day)                                            Saturday – 40 minutes cross training                                                                               Sunday 3.5 miles.

I’m going to do my best this week to keep up with the plan, but it’s going to be a tough one.  I have my bridal shower on Saturday, which The Bestie is coming for, and another bachelorette party Saturday night! It’s going to be a fun one, but I’ll definitely have to tweak the training schedule a little bit.

This morning, I’m about to go take care of some biznazz! It includes registering online for this: CruisetoJam

Carnival keeps sending annoying emails, so I guess I’ll go ahead and register just to shut them up! I wanted to wait a little closer to time, but there’s really no reason I can’t go ahead and take care of it!

For now, I’ll leave you with this: NightofDrinking

Have a great Monday!

It’s Time

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been doing some researching and I think I’ve found a training plan for my 10k! It wasn’t hard, I’ve only used Hal Higdon training plans, so that seemed like the thing to do.  Here’s the plan that I’ll be following. HalHigdon10kTraining2.  I tried to post a picture of it, but I’m computer ignorant and can’t figure it out.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go ahead and start today.  Thursday of week 1 calls for a 2 mile run + strength training.  Shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m heading out the door in 5 for CrossFit. That will count as my strenth.  And the weather is supposed to be awesome this afternoon, so I have to get up off my butt and GO!

By the way, how bright am I today? Just a freaking ray of sunshine! I’m quite the little fashionista, too.  Blue bra, pink shirt, purple pants AND purple socks.  It’s time to do a load or two of laundry, don’t ya think? At least neons are “in” for workout clothes right now!IMAG0222

By the way, have y’all seen this? Snooki Loses 42 Pounds

Not who you want your children to be like, but you know y’all used to watch some Jersey Shore! It was definitely my guilty pleasure.  Who wouldn’t like watching all of those big gorillas get drunk?! Anyway, I think it’s awesome that she’s lost weight!

Also, have y’all heard this song? I’m so obsessed with it right now.  Speaking of music, I’ve GOT to get on downloading some songs!


Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

Oh shit! (Can I even cuss on here? What the hell, it’s my blog! I can if I want.) I just looked on the little sidebar and there are only 16 days left until the WEDDING. I had a small anxiety attack.

Anyway, I’m out! Have a great day!

Going to the Chapel

The countdown is ON.  22 days and counting until the wedding! I’m not too nervous yet, until some person from WAAAAY out-of-town tells me they’re coming! They’re the people who I didn’t think would show up!

The Boy and I shopped most of the day for his rehearsal dinner clothes and some flip-flops to wear on the honeymoon! I’m so excited to get to spend an awesome weekend with our family and friends.  Although from what I’ve heard, I won’t remember much of it because it will go by so fast!

IMG_20130225_144516This happened on Monday and Tuesday:

I found a Groupon for 2 introductory lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  Two lessons for $35! The lessons were short and sweet and our instructor was really nice.  He helped us pick out our song.  We had narrowed it down to two songs, but in the end we picked something that would be a tad easier for those of us with two left feet to dance to! I still know that I’m completely ADD and will dance for about two seconds before I run away and talk to somebody.  Or get a beer, who knows! I’ve warned The Boy though, so he doesn’t get his little feelings hurt if that does happen! I have so many more things to do than be swept around a dance floor! There will be alcohol to consume!

All in all, I loved the dance lessons! We’ve actually talked about taking some more to learn to two-step as soon as we get settled in Houston.  Not to sound corny, but it was a good relationship builder, too!


I’m a horrible wannabe (key word here, people) healthy living blogger! It’s been so busy, I haven’t made time to work out the past two days.  Yesterday, I was sore.  No excuse.  I could have gone walking.  Today, I just didn’t do it.  How easy would it have been for me to wake up a little early and MAKE myself go for a run? Or even do some weights at the house?

I am definitely struggling by not being a gym member for the time being. I was a member of the YMCA, but we cancelled it for the time being since we wouldn’t be here for three months! I’ve missed it this week! But that’s still no excuse.

My eating hasn’t been great either, but who could freaking resist the Pappa’s BBQ Pappa's loaded baked potato at the rodeo? (Yep, that’s the one, on the right.  Be still my heart.) Or the Katz’s Deli this morning for lunch (which by the way was HORRID.  The service was bad, food was okay, but it was extremely overpriced.) I hate to admit it to myself, but tonight and tomorrow aren’t going to be good either.

We bought steaks tonight and we’re going back to the rodeo tomorrow.  Part of being healthy is about BALANCE.  I guess I need to just enjoy myself, NOT feel guilty, and hop right back on the wagon on Sunday! That’s the plan. There are only 22 days left and I have a couple of dresses to fit in!!