Thursday Things…….



So that’s pretty much a quick overview of how my day has been! It started with a CrossFit workout, moved on to a run.  Then I made the most ridiculous concoction ever.  I’ll tell you what was in it if you promise not to be grossed out.  I have a tendency to do that to people, but this meal actually tasted really good.

Sweet potato, spinach, cherry tomatoes, leftover green beans, a hamburger patty, and mushrooms all tossed in buffalo sauce and warmed in the microwave.  Don’t turn your nose up, it was actually not half bad!

Then I got ROSES! From The Boy!!!!! He’s being extra nice.  Wonder if he’s done something bad?! KIDDING!

My hand is about to fall off from writing thank you notes.  And I’m going to spend a little while this afternoon brainstorming ideas to write about.  I’m thinking this blog needs some better content besides what happens in my day-to-day life. I’m sure y’all are already tired of my ramblings! Suggestions??


2 responses to “Thursday Things…….

  1. I lost my appetite at buffalo sauce!

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