I went to my first CrossFit class today! I had a really good time and am so excited that I can do it the whole time I’m in Alabama!

The instructor scaled the WOD (workout of the day for you who don’t know the CrossFit lingo yet) since I was new, but I still feel like I could have done more! It went something like this:

WOD March 6, 2013:

400 meter run

30 squats

15 pull-ups (I used a resistance band to help me, but these were still ridiculously hard!)

30 thrusters (Basically these are squats plus shoulder presses.  I used 5lb dumbbells for this exercise.)

Knees to Elbows (I just did regular old sit ups for this one.  And I think I was only supposed to do 15, but I went ahead and did 25.)

30 single unders (Just jump roping.  This is really hard for me considering the fact that I haven’t done it in like 20 years or something! Now that I think about it, I was never really good at jump roping.  I was much better at sitting “on the hill” and running my mouth!)

400 meter run

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again in the morning!

I went and gave myself a little cancer in the tanning bed after that.  I KNOW. I KNOW.  Tanning beds are the devil and I have no business being in one, BUT I’m not feeling the whole looking like a ghost on my wedding day, so this was the next best thing.  I considered a spray tan, but have you ever had one?  They freaking STINK.  Like I want to vomit b/c I smell so bad after them.  Not for me! Plus I can’t risk getting it all over my ridiculously overpriced dress that I’m going to spend SIX hours of my life in.  Enough of that.

After tanning, I came home and got clean. Then the parents and I hit up Robert’s for lunch.  I hit a snag here.  First of all, the ONLY thing I’ve ever eaten from Robert’s was chicken fingers and chive fries.  Not my best choice when I need to fit into a dress in two weeks.  So then I was going to get the chef salad.  The waitress started talking about ham and I lost it.  I don’t even know what kind of ham comes in the chef salad at Robert’s, but all I could think about was the nasty little diced ham! Then I remembered the salad from yesterday in Mobile and thought, There’s no way in hell this salad could ever measure up to that. So, I changed my mind to the tuna salad.  I went to the salad bar, too.  It was a good choice, it was delicious and it filled me up!

We did some things for the wedding and then I ran to the local hell hole, aka Wal-Mart, to stock up on groceries.  I meant to be a good little blogger and take a pic of my stash, but once again, I completely forgot.  Ooooopss.  I’m trying to get better, I swear!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty busy and productive day.  I’m thinking about hitting up the park in a little bit for a short run or either a walk.  Holla!

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