Crawfish Season is Here!

It’s here! It’s here! Crawfish season is officially here! I ate some in February in Houston that were awesome, but tonight I got to eat real Louisiana crawfish! We were supposed to be eating Subway, but we decided to branch out and try something new. Shame.  This meal wasn’t near as healthy as the Subway would have been, but when in Louisiana…..IMG_20130202_151726

The Boy and I visited a seafood restaurant where we stay and I ordered the crawfish.  I got 2lbs of deliciousness and 3 potatoes.  I substituted a potato for my piece of corn.  Not a huge corn on the cob fan.  I don’t much care for the kernels in my teeth!

Some things that were different about this crawfish:

1) It wasn’t as spicy as we make it in Alabama.  I’ve talked to some Cajuns before and they don’t season their water like we do.  They were still awesome, but that’s definitely the reason my lips weren’t burning off like they usually do.

2) The restaurant served our crawfish with what they called “dip.” I was being ignorant, but I expected melted butter.  That’s what I normally eat on my crawfish.  This was more of a mayonnaise-based dip.  It kind of tasted like Thousand Island dressing.  It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was NOT melted butter!

3) The only vegetables in there were the corn and potatoes.  There is nothing wrong with that at all, they were AWESOME, but I like lots of goodies in my crawfish boil.  My favorites are brussel sprouts and mushrooms.

4) Since Cajuns don’t usually season their water, they put a dry seasoning on the crawfish to add flavor to it.  I was so interested in digging in and demolishing the entire two pounds by myself, I didn’t even see this seasoning on the table.  The Boy pointed it out to me as I was eating my last crawfish! I was a little disappointed in myself.

And this, is just another reason why I will never be a food blogger.  I have no patience.  When the food is put in front of me, I want to SCARF IT DOWN!

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