Hitting the Road

Monday, Monday.  Today starts the beginning of my journey back to Sweet Home Alabama.  The Boy is off to work for a couple of weeks and I’m headed home to tie up last-minute wedding details.  Because I’m ridiculous and don’t want to drive the entire 10 hours by myself, I’m going to split up the trip and stay in BFE, Louisiana for a night!


Have any of you tried the latest fitness craze yet?? I’ve been DYING to do it, but just couldn’t justify signing up in Texas since we’ve spent so much time in Alabama since November.  The plan was to go talk to some “boxes” as soon as we got back from the honeymoon in April.  BUT in the meantime, I’ve found out that there is a box that just opened in my hometown. I almost hyperventilated I was so excited. I’m hoping to go talk to them and start classes on Wednesday.

I’ll keep you updated, but I’m so excited to try it out, even if it’s just for a few weeks.  Crossfit is typically a little more expensive than a traditional gym, but I’m hoping I can talk them into a deal since I’ll  only be there three weeks or so.  Crossfit

As for when we get back to Texas, I still want to go talk to a couple of boxes and see if they can work with us around The Boy’s schedule.

Since I had such an indulgent weekend and have been a complete slacker in the workout department,  I’ll be forcing The Boy to eat only Subway today. I’m sure he’s beside himself. He would have no problem pulling up at a Taco Bell, but I can’t force it down.  Especially after THIS

Also, I can’t wait to see this thing: IMAG0071Time to get ready to ride out! See you in Louisiana!

2 responses to “Hitting the Road

  1. Hey there! Saw you were also a blogger in Houston, so I wanted to say hello!

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