Catch My Breath!

Hey Y’all!!


First of all, can we just first talk about how awesome this girl is?? (It’s Kelly Clarkson in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for 10 years!)KellyClarkson

I just think I need to be best friends with her. And let us not even MENTION the fact that freaking REBA is going to be her step-mother-in-law! I really love her new song, Catch My Breath.  It gets me so fired up.  I might or might not have embarrassed myself this morning in the Old Navy dressing room singing.  Fingers crossed that they don’t have videocameras, too, because that wouldn’t be illegal or anything.

Anyway, I need some new workout songs to listen to.  I’ve succumbed to the fact that I’m going to have to quit being cheap and spend some $ on iTunes, because Pandora is just not cutting it for me anymore. They have too many ads and I can’t get it to work half of the time.

I like all types of music, but when I’m running, there’s just nothing like having a PitBull song pounding in your head to motivate you, or re-playing that Florida Georgia Line song “Cruise” 8 times until you cross the finish line at your first half-marathon!

Some of my other favorites are Kelly Clarkson, Journey, Bon Jovi, and (holds head in shame) Heart.  I know, I know.  Does anybody even know who Heart is? I went through an entire six month phase where that’s all I listened to!

Do any of you listen to Pandora? I’ve also heard that the iheartradio app is really good, but I’ve yet to try it.

Send me some song suggestions!

I think y’all should know that as we speak, I’m jamming out to Zac Brown Band at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! (I pre-wrote this post.  How awesome is that??) Anyway, I’m a Houston Rodeo virgin, so I’m excited to see everything there is to offer! We’re going to spend the day on Saturday, too, so this is just a test-drive!

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